Privacy Policy

In General, privacy policy used to be challenging to understand due to several laws and regulations. Therefore, a person with no such background would never get everything in their mind that easily. Consequently, we have created this privacy policy to help anyone read and understand what we are doing related to the user’s privacy.

Do we Collect Data?

Currently, we are not collecting any data through the website by ourselves. The second most important thing to note is that every data you will see on the website is stored securely in our database.

The data you will see on our website has the chance of both being legit and counterfeit. We usually get the data from social media websites, classified websites, and many more. Also, all of them are currently basis belongs to Pakistan.

However, we are expanding the database for other countries; therefore, the other countries classified websites, social media sites, or other sites would also be used to gather the information.

Do We Collect Cookies?

We are providing the services for free; however, we have to use online earning resources such as Google AdSense to earn some money from the traffic generated for the Ad. In terms of cookies data, so we don’t personally gather it for ourselves. However, Google Analytics and Google AdSense’s cookies store your data to provide you the right search intent products on the screen. In other words, all the ads you will get to see on the website usually tend to be the same ones for what you have researched a lot. Therefore, these ads services collect your cookie data to provide you the relevant data through ads.

The primary data usually gets by Google Analytics, or Google AdSense used to be the IP Address, location, and many more. So every person data of the user get by these resources, they are responsible for it. We are not the ones who are responsible. As they are legitimate platforms, so your data always use to offer better services to you.

Do We Care about the Personal Data Available on the Platform?

You would type someone’s CNIC or Mobile number to get the whole details. Chances are higher that you would also put your number or CNIC to check the platform’s accuracy. In that case, you may get worried that your data would be used for wrong activities, and many hackers would also steal it from the website.

In that case, we want to assure you that everything available in our database is entirely safe. We have used advanced security systems to create this platform due to the confidential information available in it. No third party can directly access our data; we are not providing these data to any third party for any money earning strategy. Everything is in its place in a safe environment.

Everything available under the SIM DATABASES will never reveal entirely to someone else who doesn’t belong to this platform. The only thing a third person would do is get the desired person’s data by putting their CNIC or number. Otherwise, anyone would perform no other type of activities on this site for negative or positive reasons.

How Will We Notify you of the Changes to this Policy?

If anything changes on the privacy policy, you can directly see it to the privacy policy. Like, we will re-design the content accordingly. The same goes for something additional that we want to put into the privacy policy that can be easily read from a similar page.